Monday, August 23

square root of 225

Let us find out square root of 225

Students always complains their parents about their homework & always ask their parents to "do my homework" Many school books seems to think that since calculators can find square root of 225, that student don't need to learn how to find square root of 225 using any pencil-and-paper method. But understanding at least the "guess and check" method for finding the square root of 225 will actually help the student to understand & remember the square root of 225 concepts itself!

So even though student math book may totally dismiss the topic of finding square root of 225 without a calculator, students can consider letting them practice at least the first method presented here. This technique or method, "guess and check", actually works around what the square root of 225 is all about, so I would consider exercises with it as essential to help student understand the concept of square root of 225.

Depending on the student, it might be good to concentrate on tutoring the concept of square root of 225 without taking the time for paper-pencil calculations. In this case, student can study the guess & check method with the help of a simple calculator that doesn't calculate square root of 225 but can quickly do the multiplications

The square root of 225 is negative & positive 15.

The square root of 255 cannot be simplified. It's just sqrt (255).

In our next blog we shall learn about simplest form calculator I hope the above explanation was useful.Keep reading and leave your comments.

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